Aikenhead, Cipes & Supanich, A Los Angeles Law Firm Handling Estates, Real Estate, And Business Matters.
Aikenhead, Cipes & Supanich, A Los Angeles Law Firm Handling Estates, Real Estate, And Business Matters.
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Choosing a business entity: Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Subchapter S Corporation, Partnership?

At the law firm of Aikenhead, Cipes & Supanich, our attorneys counsel entrepreneurs and existing enterprises in the formation and operation of business entities. When starting a business, the choice of entity requires an understanding and analysis of a host of factors, including:

  • the number of owners and their relationship to the business and to one another,
  • the service or product offered,
  • the capital requirements of the business,
  • regulatory and tax factors,
  • tort and contractual liability issues, and
  • future business and expansion plans.

While corporations continue to be the predominant business entity in America, partnerships (particularly limited partnerships) and limited liability companies can have advantages in certain situations, especially for ownership and development of real estate and for family-owned businesses in which some owners are not, or may not in the future be, active participants.

As a part of our general business practice, we regularly negotiate, draft and review all types of business contracts, including:

  • Employment agreements
  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Sales Agreements
  • Commercial Leases
  • Loan Agreements
  • Distribution Contracts
  • Stock Purchase Agreements

We provide prompt and cost-effective advice to business owners for a variety of ongoing operational issues. These include protection and licensing of intellectual property, employment issues (such as those arising in connection with hiring, benefits, termination, and leave), equipment and real estate leasing, finance, supplier and customer contracts and insurance issues. We look beyond the immediate problem to spot "core" issues that may affect a company's long-term profitability or even its survival.

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